Join Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation

AZSFWC is an umbrella organization that serves wildlife conservation and sportsmen’s organizations throughout the state of Arizona. Our membership is diverse yet focused on all things important to wildlife, its habitat and to furthering our hunting and angling heritage for future generations.

Membership in AZSFWC is open to organizations, businesses, and individuals who are aligned with our mission for public education and conservation of Arizona wildlife.  All new members must be approved by the AZSFWC Board of Directors.

Membership TypeEligibility1Annual Dues2
Organization501(c)(3) status with focus on hunting, angling, or allied pursuits.  In existence for >2 years and in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission.$50  + $1 per active member up to a maximum of $500
AssociateOther non-profit organization$50  + $1 per active member up to a maximum of $500
AffiliateBusiness or companyAnnual sales <$5 million – $200
 $5-10 million – $500
 >$10 million – $950
Individual$25/Annual; $250/Life
1 eligibility criteria may be waived by a 2/3 vote of the AZSFWC Board
2 annual dues for Organization and Associate members may be waived by a 2/3 vote of the AZSFWC Board
BenefitOrganization Associate Affiliate Individual
Serve on AZSFWC Board of Directors
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