AZSFWC Awards $21,920 in Stinson Grants

Second quarter grant applications were presented and voted on at the May 28, 2024 AZSFWC Board meeting. Funding for the grants is available through sales of our special Conserving Wildlife license plate. More information about the license plate and how you can obtain one can be found HERE.

More information about the L. Gary Stinson grant program can be found HERE.

Six grants were approved and included the following:

$650 was awarded to Valley of the Sun Quail Forever for their Pollinator project in Coconino and Yavapai counties. 1500 AZ native seed packets will be produced and distributed through libraries and schools. Additional funding will be provided by Valley of the Sun Quail Forever and AZ Game & Fish Department.

$7,045 was awarded to AZ Council of Trout Unlimited to fund their Arizona Fish Camp. This joint venture with the Grand Canyon Council of Boy Scouts of America will provide education while inspiring youth to become our next generation of conservation leaders and natural resource advocates. Attendees to the week-long camp will learn about conserving, protecting, and restoring our aquatic resources while learning and enjoying the sport of fishing and fly tying. Volunteers from state-wide chapters of Trout Unlimited will participate. Funding partners for in-kind and direct costs include Grand Canyon Council Boy Scouts of America, AZ Fly Shop and an AZ Game & Fish Local Sportsmen’s grant.

$2,500 was awarded to YMCA of Southern Arizona for their Nature Center Expansion. The project aims to enhance the educational experiences of summer campers and participants in the Outdoor Education program throughout the school year. The Nature Center will serve as a dedicated space for Hands-on learning, offering engaging activities and educational resources focused on Arizona’s wildlife, conservation and ecosystem dynamics. Funding partners include YMCA of Southern Arizona.

$4,200 was awarded to Arizona Mule Deer Organization for repair of an existing water catchment in Unit 42 which includes refurbishing the catchment, installing a water storage tank and converting to solar power. Funding partner includes AZ Mule Deer Organization.

$6,675 was awarded to Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society (ADBSS) for the Boone & Crockett 2024 Youth Camp. Ten youth will attend a summer camp at the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch in Montana. Participants are chosen after submitting an essay based on the theme “Who benefits from a waterhole project and why?” Emphasis of the camp is on education, but many attendees leave camp with a renewed or entirely new interest in hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation. Activities include hiking, archery, shooting, fishing, fly tying, kayaking and daily classes on wildlife conservation. Funding partners include ADBSS, Boone & Crockett.

$1,500 was awarded to Arizona Quail Today for their Upland Camp, which is part of their “Fathers in the Field” program. The camp is dedicated to mentoring boys who lack a paternal figure in their lives, providing them with essential hunting education, experience and equipment while fostering a deep appreciation for the outdoors. Camp activities include comprehensive firearm safety training, hunter education, clay target shooting, hand-on game processing. Funding partners include Marsupial Gear and Arizona Quail Today.