L. Gary Stinson Grant Fund Proposal Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of the L. Gary Stinson Grant Fund is to provide funding for habitat projects that are deemed beneficial for all species of wildlife in Arizona, including but not limited to, big game, small game, non-game and fish. It is also available to help fund hunting and angling recruitment and/or retention activities or wildlife conservation education events or programs. The three categories are Habitat, Education, Hunter / Angler Recruitment

Who Can Apply:

Applicants must provide a tax ID number proving the organization is a 501(c)(3) in existence for at least 2 years and indicate the physical presence of a chapter or other unit in Arizona.


  1. Applications for project funding will be submitted in writing on forms provided by the AZSFWC. Effective 1/27/2022 you must use our new application form. (Download Grant Application Word doc form HERE).
  2. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis per the schedule listed below.
  3. Approved applications must adhere to all Recognition, Records and Reporting requirements listed below.
  4. Approved applications require a report filed within 90 days following the project completion (or annual progress reports for long-term projects). (Download Completion Report Word Doc form HERE). 
  5. If you cannot use Word to complete your application or completion report, please contact us at info@azsfwc.org for instructions.

Until further notice, please attach a COVID contingency plan if your event/project could be affected.

All grants are considered on a quarterly cycle. Please see the following schedule and submit your grant request appropriately. Those not meeting the quarterly deadlines will not be considered for funding until the following cycle.

1st Quarter Cycle:
Application deadline – January 1st
Funding decisions by Feb 28

2nd Quarter Cycle:
Application deadline – April 1st 
Funding decision by May 31st

3rd Quarter Cycle:
Application deadline – July 1st 
Funding decisions by August 30th

4th Quarter Cycle:
Application deadline – October 1st  
Funding decisions by November 30

Any group or organization that is NOT a non-profit or 501(c)(3) group or organization within Arizona will have its grant application declined.

If, your organization was awarded a grant within the past 12 months and did NOT submit a complete report within 90 days of the completion of the project will have its grant application declined.

Project applicants are encouraged to attain a minimum 50/50 cost share match.

Projects are funded for “hard costs” only, and no funds can be used for “soft costs” such as administrative expenses. Preparation of environmental assessments and research projects are specifically excluded. The Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation is seeking to fund projects that provide specific “on-the-ground” benefits to Arizona’s diverse wildlife through habitat projects, conservation education as well as Hunter Recruitment and Retention activities. Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation grants are not to be used for raffle prizes.

Before funding can occur for habitat projects, all projects must have received the approval of the appropriate land management organization and/or the appropriate wildlife management organization where the project is proposed.

All approved applicants must adhere to the Recognition, Records and Reporting requirements as described in the application instructions. This includes:

  • Grantee website will provide a link to the AZSFWC web site for a minimum of 12 months following application approval. Download the AZSFWC Logo HERE.
  • Grantee website will display a picture of the “Conserving Wildlife” license plate linked to the MVD wildlife license plate ordering process for a minimum of 12 months following application approval. Download the license plate image HERE.
  • Recognition will be given to AZSFWC as a partner in helping fund the grant through ALL means of advertising including but not limited to the following:
    • Display the AZSFWC logo and name on all marketing and promotional materials and media including press releases, social media posts, etc
    • During the project or activity you will mention to all helping or attending how the AZSFWC grant helped fund the project/activity
    • Post event story published in a newsletter, newspaper, website, social media, etc
  • Grantee will provide required progress and final reports which include (Download Completion Report Word Doc form HERE):
    • a written report including a narrative of what was accomplished, number of people served, etc.
    • a detailed budget report identifying use of grant funds
    • Copies of all receipts verifying funded expenses
    • Photographs showing pre and post completion (habitat), or event photos
    • Evidence of compliance with the recognition requirement described in II. A. above including but not limited to the following:
      • Samples of marketing materials
      • Photo(s) showing recognition on-site during the event/activity
      • Screen shots of website, social media

Failure to fulfill these recognition and reporting requirements can result in demand for return of the funds and/or denial of any future funding request from the grantee.