AZSFWC Awards $40,382 in Grants

Third quarter grant applications were presented and voted on at the August 27, 2019 AZSFWC Board meeting. Funding for the grants is available through sales of our special Conserving Wildlife license plate. More information about the license plate and how you can obtain one can be found HERE.

Eight grants were approved in the amount of $40,382 and included the following:

$7,452 was awarded to the Mule Deer Foundation for their habitat project to refurbish Red House Trick Tank, which is a Forest Service wildlife drinker that is located in Unit 7 East on the Coconino National Forest. This catchment is in need of a new apron to efficiently catch rain water and store in the 3,000 gallon storage tank. During the drought of 2017 – 2018, it became apparent how important Red House Trick Tank was to the wildlife in this area. As the drought conditions worsened, the amount of use this catchment attracted radically increased and through the months of December – June approximately 18,000 gallons of water was delivered to this catchment to keep up with the needs of the wildlife inhabiting this area. The goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of this catchment so that it can provide a reliable source of water in a critical area of Unit 7E. Mule Deer Foundation volunteers will be utilized to complete the work.

$5,300 was awarded to the Arizona Raptor Center to support their education program. Raptors in their care that cannot be released back into the wild are utilized in education programs around the state. A typical program covers topics such as how raptors fit into the ecosystem, what raptors eat, and where they live. Funding will support the development of additional educational materials, expanding venues, and building internet and social media presence. Additional funding will be provided by private donations and AZ Raptor Center contributions.

$7,000 was awarded to Valley of the Sun Chapter of Quail Forever (VOSQF) to fund their Tombstone Ranch Permanent Habitat and Access project. The goal of the project is to provide permanent habitat protection and public access that will open 2,100-acres of prime wildlife habitat to public recreation. This property is located in Whitewater Draw, near Tombstone, AZ, a large riparian habitat in Southern Arizona. Riparian corridors are the most critical habitats in Arizona, and as such the vision of this project is to conserve – forever – the open space character, agricultural productivity, wildlife habitat, and scenic qualities of this unique and property. The land contains natural, biological diversity, and open space values that are of great importance to the residents and visitors of Cochise County and the State of Arizona. Funding partners include AZ Game & Fish, AZ Land Trust, The Natural Resource Conservation Service, and VOSQF.

$5,080 was awarded to the Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited to support their 2019-2020 Trout in the Classroom education program (TIC). TIC is an environmental education program in which students in grades 4 – 12 are involved in hands on experiences to:
▪ raise trout from eggs to fry
▪ monitor tank water quality
▪ engage in stream habitat study
▪ learn to appreciate water resources
▪ begin to foster a conservation ethic
▪ grow to understand ecosystems
In the 2014 school year there were three (3) Arizona schools involved in the TIC program and that number expanded to 34 in 2018-2019 with over 4,200 students involved. Funding will not only support continuation of the program in existing schools but will also provide expansion to new schools. Partners include Arizona Game and Fish Department the Trout Unlimited Council and Chapters of Arizona.

$5,000 was awarded to the AZ Deer Association for their mentored youth deer and cow elk camps. The purpose of the camps is to provide support in locating, harvesting, game care, as well as, educational seminars. Experienced and seasoned mentors will be available to go afield with tag holders if needed. Emphasis will be on hunter education, safety, ethics, hunting and glassing skills and will include seminars on map reading, compass use, first aid & survival, food & nutrition, gun & field safety. Additional funding will be provided by the Association.

$3,050 was awarded to the Valley of the Sun chapter of Quail Forever for the purchase of a trailer to be used for their youth events. The chapter is providing additional funding.

$3,500 was awarded to the AZ Desert Bighorn Sheep Society for their annual Sheep Hunter Educational Clinic. Anyone can attend the clinic where they will learn about Habitat Projects, Aging, Judging and Scoring a ram in the field, How to Hunt Sheep, Gear and Equipment, Optics, Taxidermy and Photography and Hunter Ethics. Each attendee is also provided with an instructional manual and handouts from presenters and various land management agencies. The Society is providing additional funding.

$4,000 was conditionally awarded to Southwest Wildlife Foundation (YVRGC) for the purchase of a trailer to be used for their youth events. The annual Youth Fishing and Outdoor Clinic, Clint Curry Memorial Youth Dove Shoot and the Youth Quail and Small Game Camp have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years requiring additional resources. The condition of this award is the Foundation must secure other funding partners.