AZSFWC Awards $36,289 in Grants

First quarter grant applications were presented and voted on at the February 23, 2021 AZSFWC Board meeting. Funding for the grants is available through sales of our special Conserving Wildlife license plate. More information about the license plate and how you can obtain one can be found HERE.

Five grants were approved in the amount of $36,289 and included the following:

$5,714 was awarded to the AZ Elk Society for the purchase of a 1000 gallon water hauling trailer to be used by the AZ Game & Fish Department. With extended draught conditions, the need for water is great. This trailer will provide a much needed resource for the Department as well as volunteer conservation organizations who assist in hauling water for wildlife. Funding partners include the AZ Elk Society, the AZ Deer Association and the AZ Antelope Foundation.

$3,000 was awarded to the AZ Council of Trout Unlimited to fund their Arizona Fish Camp. This joint venture with the Grand Canyon Council of Boy Scouts of America will provide education while inspiring youth to become our next generation of conservation leaders and natural resource advocates. Attendees to the week-long camp will learn about conserving, protecting, and restoring our aquatic resources while learning and enjoying the sport of fishing and fly tying. Volunteers from state-wide chapters of Trout Unlimited will participate. Funding partners for in-kind and direct costs include AZ Council Trout Unlimited, Zane Grey Chapter Trout Unlimited and an AZ Game & Fish Local Sportsmen’s grant.

$14, 275 was awarded to the AZ Antelope Foundation for the Soapweed Pasture Water Development habitat project. This project will provide yearlong water at 4 locations on 8,040 acres within AZ State Trust Land, which will increase wildlife habitat and provide connectivity. The project will entail drilling of a new well, installation of a 10,000 gallon storage tank, and underground placement of pipe plumbed to 4 metal troughs. Funding partners include NRCS and the Dobson Ranch Cattle Co.

$3,000 was awarded to Christian Hunters of America for the purchase of a 525 gallon water hauling trailer. With draught conditions severe and continuing, CHA recognizes the need to help contribute in sustaining Arizona’s wildlife. The trailer will used to help provide water to catchment tanks in various areas of the state. Volunteers will monitor tanks for need, and provide the water and vehicles to transport. Funding partners include Christian Hunters of America.

$7,300 was awarded to the AZ Chapter of NWTF for their annual Marvin Robbins 2021 Youth Turkey Camps. These family oriented camps introduce youth turkey hunters and their families to spring turkey hunting. Camps include meals, instruction in safe firearms handling, patterning shotguns, ethics, species biology, turkey behavior and hunting techniques, the role of conservation organizations in funding wildlife and habitat conservation, and the North American Model of Conservation. Each youth hunter and their parent/guardian will be assisted by volunteer mentors from participating organizations such as AZ State Chapter NWTF, AZ Elk Society, AZ Deer Association, Phoenix Varmint Callers and the AZ Game & Fish Department. Funding partners include AZ Chapter NWTF, AZ Elk Society, NWTF.

Any 501c3 within Arizona can apply for project or event funding as long as they are in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Click here for application information.