2022 Ford Raptor Sweepstakes. $20 donation for 1 entry, 6 entries for a $100 donation

Our sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks to all who made donations! Congratulations to our winner Kevin Szymanski of Peoria, AZ!

Please note, while the Raptor was ordered months ago, due to manufacturer and supply chain issues, the dealership advises us delivery of the vehicle will be delayed. But the good news is the Raptor will be upgraded to a 2023 model! And as stated in our complete rules, as an alternative to the Raptor, the winner may choose as the prize a single payment of $25,000.

Entries will be accepted beginning 9 am (Arizona) on April 1, 2022, and ending at 10 pm (Arizona) on December 22, 2022. Maximum entries per person is 6, regardless of the manner of submission. Drawing will take place December 28, 2022.

Sweepstakes Rules – Must be 18 to donate. Donations may be eligible for a tax credit; consult your tax expert. Keep your emailed receipt as proof of donation. As an alternative to the Raptor, the winner may choose as the prize a single payment of $25,000. Winner will be required to submit federal withholding taxes at the time of winning the prize regardless of vehicle delivery date. By entering you are agreeing to all of our complete rules that can be found HERE.

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